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A world class sports club with contemporary facilities and high caliber coaching.

Lace up for a sports revolution

Our vision is to provide the best in class facilities and coaching to the sports and health enthusiasts in Ahmedabad – all under one roof, in a conducive and motivating environment.


Expert coaching from National and International Guides.
Swimming is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. It works on strength, stamina and fitness like no other sport can. In addition, its also a life skill that’s essential for all.
However knowing the right technique and finding the right coach is important. At our Academy we will not only provide you with a world class pool, but World Class coaches who train you and your family to hit the right stroke.


Many people consider Football so beautiful as to be practically an art form.
The skill at which great players and great soccer teams work the ball, strategize, and flow as one can be an awesome thing to watch.
Our certified coaches will nurture your ward and you in the intricracies of this – the most popular sport in the world


Squash is one of the most challenging games in the world. Easy on the eye, and perhaps easy to pick up, this game is physically and mentally taxing. Half an hour of Squash a day is equal to many more in the gym.
The right guidance is necessary in excelling at this exciting game. A Savvy Swaraaj Sports Club – Experts will guide you forward


Basketball is a relatively new sport. Invented in Canada in the year 1891 to keep children warm in winter through physical activity, it has now become one of the most popular sports in the world.
Our indoor, all seasons courts will keep your passion running and blood pumping all year round.
With certified coaches guiding you through, the golden hoop will be just another barrier to conquer.


Dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Though these words are about boxing, they are perhaps more suited to the skilful art of badminton. It’s a game that Indians excel at with its fine coordination of the mind and body.
Some of the best in the game will coach you about the techniques of the sport. They will take you to the next level.


Life is 1% inspiration and 99% hard work. An hour at the gym not only makes you stronger, but keeps the illnesses at bay.
Floor exercise, weight training, metabolic activity, our gym has it all. Certified trainers will take you through the paces and put you firmly on the path to being fit and looking good


The earliest recognisable relative to tennis, as we know it, was "jeu de paume", played in 11th century France. Played in a monastery courtyard, the game used the walls and sloping roofs as part of the court and the palm of the hand to hit the ball.
By the 20th Century, the game had become the most popular racquet sport in the world, inspiring great atheletes such Rod Laver, John Macenroe, Steffi Graff, Navratilova and your very own Vijay Amritraj and recently, Leander Paes.
Our artificial courts will transport you to the Flushing Medows. Our coaches will make you believe you can compete the Grand Slams one day.

All Weather

Tartan Track

A world class 400 mtrs competition grade synthetic track to fire the runner in you.
They say that walking briskly and running are the best ways to keep yourself fit at all ages. We believe them. The Academy took a call to lay out the best track in a private facility in Ahmedabad. This will be our pride – circling the football ground, a gathering place for all those who take their health seriously.

Table Tennis

Like many other sports, this indoor discipline also originated right here in India in circa 1870. Originally played in cantonments on makeshift tables. Today this sport has come a long way. Apart from being a major spectator sport in many countries around the world, it’s a leading Olympic spectacle.
Great for hand eye coordination and extremely suited to improve our reactions and reflex, our coaches will take out the best in you and teach you the tricks of the trade.


and Pool

Originally invented right here in Jabalpur in India, this sport is now a great indoor pursuit around the globe. A game of skill and delicate touch, it requires great adroitness and mental strength.
Some of the leading lights of this sport are from this very City. Geet Sethi a former world champion and Sonic Multani another world beater learnt their trade right here in Ahmedabad. Our coaches will help you bring those glory days – right back.

Board Games

For those whose mind needs the stimulus, we have bridge tables and chess boards. Again both a result of Indian ingenuity, both these sports are world disciplines now.
Loved by young and old alike, Chess requires the right kind of coaching. Our coaches will train your mind to think like the gradmasters.
Our bridge tables will transport you to a place of competition where the mind and observation reigns supreme.

Yoga / Spa

India is the birthplace of Yoga. An ancient form of meditation and physical training that is today blazing a trail across the world with its healing and fitness credentials.
Many consider Yoga and its practice a precursor to the ancient martial arts – most of which focus on mental strength as much as on physical acumen. Disciplines like Kalaripayatu in Kerala and Karate in China and Eastern Asia all originate from this art form.
There are may schools of Yoga. Our experts study each school and teach you a program that takes best practices from each school and mould them into one great program.

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